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    Population Projections

    Introductory Note

    Released in December, 2011,  these KSDC population forecasts incorporate the results of the 2010 Census,  For the state, ADDs, and counties, projections are provided for the total population and the population in households by sex and age, the number of households and household size, and the components of population change.  Projection data are given in Excel tables displaying 2000 and 2010 Census data and projections at 5-year intervals 2015-2050.  Population pyramids displaying persons in households and group quarters are also provided.

    The household population and the group quarters population age 65 and above were projected using the demographic cohort-component method.  County-specific assumptions about future mortality, fertility, and migration were derived from the latest demographic patterns and trends of the 2000-2010 decade.  The group quarters population under age 65 was projected to remain constant at their 2010 Census counts.  Projections of the group quarters population above age 65 were based on their share of the 2010 Census total population.  Forecasts of the number of households and household size were derived from the cohort-headship method.

    Population Projections 2015-2050

    Kentucky, ADD, and County Tables in Excel

         Total Population

         Population by Sex and Age

         Population in Households

         Household Population by Sex and Age

         Components of Population Change

         Number of Households and Household Size


    Kentucky and County Population Pyramids

         Kentucky, Adair through Knott

         Knox through Woodford