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    Population and Housing Units Estimates


    Introductory Note

    The Census Bureau -in conjunction with the Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates- produces annual estimates of the total resident population for the nation, states, and counties. Estimates of city populations are produced every two years. Population estimates are derived from mathematical models using symptomatic indicators of population change from year to year. In contrast to population projections based on assumptions of future growth, estimates are historical reflecting recent measurable trends. The estimates reported here were derived from a model using administrative data--birth and death records, Internal Revenue Service tax returns, and Social Security Administration records. As new estimates are produced, previously released estimates are often revised. The decennial census counts also provide a benchmark by which intercensal estimates are revised. Click here for the latest Estimates Release Schedule. For all available Census Bureau estimate data sets, click here. The estimate data available on this site are provided in Excel tables with the additional aggregations of county estimates to Kentucky's Area Development Districts (ADD).

    If you have any questions about Kentucky population estimates or the Census Bureau's program, contact Tom Sawyer at the Kentucky State Data Center, 502-852-8913 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    Governmental units, including states, counties and units of local government may challenge the population estimates prepared by the Census Bureau under the provisions of Title 15, The Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.), Part 90. For a description of the Challenge Program and a list of accepted challenges, click here.

    Data Tables in Excel

    Kentucky, ADDs, and Counties

         Total Population (2014)

         Total Population by Area Develpment District (2014)

         Components of Population Change (2014)

         Population by Sex, Age, Race and Hispanic Origin (2013)

         Population by Sex and Single-Year Age (2013)

         Housing Units (2012)

    Kentucky Cities

         Total Population (2013)

         Population by County (2013)

    United States, States, and Puerto Rico

         Total Population (2014)


    Historical Intercensal Estimates

    Kentucky, ADDs, and Counties

         2000-2010 Total Population

         2000-2010 Population by Sex and Age

         1990-2000 Total Population

         1980-1990 Total Population

         1970-1980 Total Population