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    Birth and Death Data


    The Vital Statistics Branch, Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning, Department of the Public Health, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Servies offically records and processes Kentucky birth and death certificates.  Because of delays in receiving and processing birth and death certificates of Kentucky residents from other states of occurrence, finalizing annual live birth and death counts has been delayed for several years. The latest final annual counts are for 2007 births and 2008 deaths.  KSDC receives annual updates of birth and death records and publishes these data on this site.  More detailed tables of birth and death characteristics will be added soon.


    Kentucky Births and Deaths (Updated: May 27, 2014)

    Kentucky, ADD, County Data Tables in Excel

         Annual Total Live Births 1960-2013 (Preliminary 2008-2013)

         Annual Total Deaths 1960-2013 (Preliminary 2009-2013)