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  • Local Employment Dynamics


    Time series data created under the federal-state Local Employment Dynamics (LED) Partnership provide details about jobs, workers, and local economies and communities. LED integrates existing data from state-supplied administrative records on workers and employers with existing censuses, surveys, and other administrative records. The data are extracted from Unemployment Insurance records (state records) and integrated with the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Quarterly Censes of Employment and Wages, hence the term “covered” wages frequently found in the output. Covered wages exclude the self-employed and all workers who are not covered by unemployment insurance. Examples of workers likely not covered by unemployment insurance include: some salespersons primarily paid on commission, workers considered by their employers as independent contractors, family members who work for family corporations, partnerships or sole proprietors. Those who work for religious organizations may not be covered. The definition of “covered” worker varies by state.

    Go to Local Employment Dynamics Home Page.

    Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI)

    The LED flagship product, Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI), provides information about trends in employment, hiring, job creation and destruction, and earnings, with details of geography, age, gender, and industry going as far back as 1990.

    Go to Quarterly Workforce Indicators.

    Caution: Read the definition of each of the eight datasets by clicking on the “information” icon next to the dataset. For example, net job flows explain the difference between current and previous employment at each business, but would not capture jobs lost due to business failure. Some experienced users consider QWI to have an upward bias for this reason.

    Industry Focus

    Industry Focus identifies the top ten industries by selected criterion for states, counties and metro areas by industry and industry sector. It is important to read the variable definitions associated with each variable.

    Go to Industry Focus

    On The Map

    OnTheMap is a web-based mapping and reporting application that shows where workers are employed and where they live. It also provides companion reports on age, earnings, industry distributions, race, ethnicity, educational attainment, and sex.

    Go to OnTheMap.

    The employment data are derived from unemployment insurance wage records and typically include private, federal, state and local employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census for Employment and Wages (QCEW) provides information on firm structure and establishment location. Employees that are not “covered” include some part time workers and the self-employed. Some information is suppressed for confidentiality reasons, like the address of each workplace. Frequent users should become familiar with how the Census Bureau constructs synthetic data, which combines actual data with “noise” to ensure that the published data are accurate but not actual. This is more of a concern in areas with fewer businesses.

    Before downloading the raw data to start OnTheMap, new users should read the “Getting Started” document that is both a comprehensive reference and a tutorial and watch the OnTheMap Learning Module for a narrated video walkthrough of the OnTheMap application, including sample scenarios for economic development and transportation planners.