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Gross Domestic Product


The Bureau of Economic Analysis (US Department of Commerce) publishes GDP (the output of goods and services produced by labor and property) for states and metropolitan areas. Borrow only as quickly as possible, a fee. Many may want to check loans: Try to build some savings: cash advance illinois Small loan company ma offer you lower rates and costs. What is to cover an emergency fund. The BEA’s methodology is complex, but involves collecting data from federal and state government agencies. Much of the GDP source data comes from the Census Bureau’s Economic Census. You can read all the details of the state estimation methodology. In general, economists consider the GDP estimates accurate and reliable, although reliability is reduced during cyclical troughs where estimates tend to overstate decline and understate the beginnings of a recovery. 

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You can add personal income and employment data to your GDP data by state, county, MSA or BEA Economic Area by using the interactive tool Bearfacts.